June Concierto & Festival Tipico Celebrating Latino Pride. All day – Festival This Festival aims to promote the diverse culture of New York City through dance and music. This annual event has become a well-loved tradition, not only for Sunset Park and Brooklyn residents, but for the whole City. The Festival takes place on […]

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Services: Event Marketing, Lighting & Audio, LED Video & more. Our trained event producers will help you from begging to end through the execution of your event in areas including but not limited to.   • Event Production • Event Marketing • Event Management • Mobile Marketing • Photo Marketing • LED Video • Lighting […]

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 Here are some of the national & international talent we have hosted at our events. Fulanito  is a north American group with Dominican roots. Their music is a mix of Merengue with Rap, House, Hip Hop and other genres with Spanglish lyrics. Thought out the years the group has not lost its followers and been nominated […]

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Welcome to the Fiesta VIP Entertainment photo gallery. Here are some of our events and festivals from year round with the  local & international performances and see for your self the impression as well as the growing amount of people that have assisted to our events. Click on image to view photo album   September The […]

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